Quality Control Kits

Quality Control kits

A high quality CE Marked Internal Quality Control Kit for use by serologists for proficiency testing.

About Lorne's Rea IQC Kit

The Rea IQC Kit is designed to test serologist proficiency. Based on blood samples with known ABO RhD blood groups and Rh K phenotypes of human blood origin, the kit contains group equivalent plasma and irregular antibodies. These reagents are in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDMD) of human origin.
The use of this internal control enables detection of different irregular and malfunctions caused by the used method, the used reagent or by the used instrument and environment.

The internal control test is based on blood samples with well known determined phenotypes. This control is used in the same way as the normal patient blood samples. The result of this samples testing should match exactly the blood groups phenotype on the vial. The test is based on the principle of haemagglutination.

The Rea IQC Total Blood Kit consists of 4 vials, the volume of each vial is 6ml. And the suspension HTC level is between 25% and 30%.

Rea IQC Kit
Code: 940406R
Size: 4X6ml