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Lorne Labs offer a range of Diagnostic Kits including Febrile Antigen Kits, Turbidimetry Kits, Syphilis Kits, Latex Kits and other less popular kits like Rose Waaler. With high customer service standards and quality lab equipment. Lorne laboratories is able to offer health care professionals, affordable laboratory tools and a leading service within the medical industry.

Enzymes & Biochemicals

Lorne Labs offer a range of Enzymes and Biochemicals from Rockland Immunochemicals and Worthington Biochemicals. With high customer service standards and quality lab equipment. Lorne laboratories is able to offer health care professionals, affordable laboratory tools and a leading service within the medical industry.

















044 RPR Carbon Kit, issue 4
046A Stabilised Reagent Kit issue 5
910-920-950-960-970 Red Cells MSDS
910020, 910030, 910040 - Cells A1
910020, 910030, 910040, 920002- Red Cells
950030 - Maxi Screen 3
960050 - Identicell Panel
970010 - Coombs Control
A Guide to Exchange Transfusions
A&B Commercial SA
A.H.G Elite (Clear)
Code: 415010
Code: 415000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
A.H.G Elite (Green)
Code: 435010
Code: 435000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
A.J Vouros Ltd.
ABO Preservacell
Code: 981500
Size: 500ml
About Lorne
About Us
Acid Fast Bacillus Stainer
Acid Fast Bacillus Stainer Specification
Africa Health - Johannesburg 2017
Code: TS
Size: 10X10ml
Ahmadzai Standard L. Ltd
Al Hayat Pharmaceuticals U.A.E
Alfatimea Medical Equipment Trading Enterprises
Alhilal Co. for Laboratory Supplies
Ali Al-Suwaidi Trading Est.
All Eights (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Alsevers Solution
Code: 983000
Size: 1000ml
Anidiagnostics Oy
Anifo-Medik International Limited
Another Record Year for Lorne
Anti-A (Birma 1)
Code: TL
Size: 10X10ml
Anti-A Monoclonal
Anti-A Monoclonal
Anti-A Monoclonal
Anti-A Monoclonal
Anti-A Monoclonal
Anti-A Monoclonal
Anti-A Monoclonal
Code: 600010
Code: 600000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-A,B (ES4+ES15)
Code: TM
Size: 10X10ml
Anti-A,B Monoclonal
Code: 620010
Code: 620000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-A1 Lectin
Code: 116005
Code: 116000
Size: 5ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-B (LB-2)
Code: TN
Size: 10X10ml
Anti-B Monoclonal
Code: 610010
Code: 610000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-C (MS-24)
Code: BN
Size: 5ml
Anti-C (MS-273)
Code: TW
Size: 5ml
Anti-c (MS-33)
Code: TK
Size: 5ml
Anti-c (MS-35)
Code: TV
Size: 5ml
Anti-C Monoclonal
Code: 690005
Code: 690000
Size: 5ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-c Monoclonal
Code: 692005
Code: 692000
Size: 5ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-C+D+E Monoclonal
Code: 700010
Code: 700000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-C3d Monoclonal
Code: 427002
Code: 427000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-CDE (MS-24+MS-28+MS-80+MS-26)
Code: BW
Size: 5ml
Anti-Cw (MS-110)
Code: TX
Size: 2ml
Anti-Cw Monoclonal
Code: 750002
Code: 750000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-D (MS-201)
Code: TP
Size: 10x10ml
Anti-D (RUM 1)
Code: GG
Size: 10X10ml
Anti-D (TH28+MS26 (IgG/IgM Blend)
Code: BM
Size: 10x10ml
Anti-D Clone 1 Monoclonal
Code: 730010
Code: 730000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-D Clone 2 Monoclonal
Code: 710010
Code: 710000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-D Duoclone Monoclonal
Code: 740010
Code: 740000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Dia Polyclonal
Code: 328002
Size: 2ml
Anti-E (MS-12+MS-260)
Code: GI
Size: 5ml
Anti-e (MS-16+MS-21+MS-63)
Code: TU
Size: 5ml
Anti-E (MS-258+MS-80)
Code: TA
Size: 5ml
Anti-e (MS-62+MS-69)
Code: GK
Size: 5ml
Anti-E Monoclonal
Code: 691005
Code: 691000
Size: 5ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-e Monoclonal
Code: 693005
Code: 693000
Size: 5ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Fya Monoclonal
Code: 774002
Code: 774000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Fyb (SpA264LBg1)
Code: NV
Size: 2ml
Anti-Fyb Polyclonal
Code: 317002
Code: 317000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-H Lectin
Code: 115002
Code: 115000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Human IgG (Clear)
Code: 401010
Code: 401000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Human IgG (Green)
Code: 402010
Code: 402000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Jka (MS-15)
Code: BI
Size: 2ml
Anti-Jka Polyclonal
Code: 323002
Code: 323000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Jkb (MS-8)
Code: BE
Size: 2ml
Anti-Jkb Polyclonal
Code: 324002
Code: 324000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-k (Cellano) Polyclonal
Code: 320002
Code: 320000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-K Monoclonal
Code: 760010
Code: 760000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-KELL (MS-56)
Code: TR
Size: 5ml
Anti-Kpa Polyclonal
Code: 321002
Code: 321000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Kpb Polyclonal
Code: 322002
Code: 322000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Lea (GA2)
Code: NB
Size: 2ml
Anti-Lea Monoclonal
Code: 632002
Code: 632000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Leb (P3F234MD4)
Code: NY
Size: 2ml
Anti-Leb Monoclonal
Code: 631002
Code: 631000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Lua Polyclonal
Code: 330002
Code: 330000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-Lub Polyclonal
Code: 331002
Code: 331000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-M (LM110/140)
Code: NE
Size: 2ml
Anti-M Polyclonal
Code: 311002
Code: 311000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-N (MN-879)
Code: NA
Size: 2ml
Anti-N Lectin
Code: 312002
Code: 312000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-P1 (P3N1L100)
Code: ND
Size: 2ml
Anti-P1 Monoclonal
Code: 315002
Code: 315000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-S (MS-94)
Code: TJ
Size: 2ml
Anti-s (P3BER)
Code: TB
Size: 2ml
Anti-S Monoclonal
Code: 770002
Code: 770000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-s Monoclonal
Code: 771002
Code: 771000
Size: 2ml
Size: 1000ml
Anti-s Polyclonal
Code: 314002
Size: 2ml
Arab Health 2015
Arab Health 2015 for Medical and Health Professionals
Arab Health 2016
ASO Latex Kit
Code: 031100A
Code: 031200A
Code: 031000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 200 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
Aston Medical Supplies LLC
Automated Gram Stainer
Automated Gram Stainer Specification
Balmed S.R.L
Barcode Blood Bands
Become a Distributor
Becoming an Export Customer
Belasia Ltd.
Beohem-3 doo
Biokit Pastran, C. A
Biomixer 323 Specification
Biomixer 330 Specification
Biomixers & Biosealers
Biosealer CR4 Specification
Biosealer CR6 Specification Sheets
Biostrip Specification
Bioteck S.A.L
Biswal Trading
Blood Bank Fridges & Freezers
Blood Grouping Techniques
Blood Supply and Demand: Meeting Blood needs Worldwide
Blood Tests For Autoimmune Diseases
Blood Transfusion
Blood Transfusion Equipment
Blood Transfusion Equipment
Blood Type Population by Country
Blood Vessel Diseases
Code: 443010
Code: 443000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Brucella abortus
Code: 518005A
Code: 518000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1000ml
Brucella melitensis
Code: 520005A
Code: 520000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1000ml
Buffered Saline Tablets
Buffered Saline Tablets
Code: 490025
Code: 490250
Size: 25
Size: 250
Code: 880100
Size: 100
Career Opportunities
Carper Labs
Cascada Medical Supplies
Cat_043A_TPHA_microtitre_plate_ kit_Issue_2
CEPI031A ASO Latex Kit issue 1
CEPI041A IM Latex Kit issue 3
CEPI043A TPHA kit Manual Issue 2
CEPI110 Inert AB Control Serum issue 7
CEPI115 Anti-H Lectin issue 5
CEPI116 Anti-A1 Lectin issue 6
CEPI209 Weak Anti-D Precise issue 8
CEPI311 Polyclonal Anti-M issue 8
CEPI312 Anti-N Lectin issue 7
CEPI314 Polyclonal Anti-s issue 8
CEPI315 Monoclonal Anti-P1 issue 8
CEPI317 Polyclonal Anti-Fyb issue 6
CEPI319-320-321-322 Polyclonal Anti-k, Kpa Kpb issue 8
CEPI330 Polyclonal Anti-Lua issue 4
CEPI331 Polyclonal Anti-Lub issue 4
CEPI401-402 Anti-Human IgG issue 6
CEPI415-435 Anti-Human Globulin Elite Issue 8
CEPI427 Monoclonal Anti-C3d issue 9
CEPI441 Papenzyme-Plus issue 7
CEPI443 Bromelite issue 6
CEPI451-452 22% 30SA issue 5_1
CEPI460 LISS Concentrate 5
CEPI470 LISS Ready For Use issue 6
CEPI480 LISS-ADD issue 5
CEPI485 PEG-ADD issue 5
CEPI490 PBS tablets, issue 7
CEPI600-610-620 Monoclonal Anti-ABO issue 12
CEPI631 Monoclonal Anti-Leb issue 1
CEPI632 Anti-Lea Monoclonal Issue 1
CEPI640 Mono Rhesus Control issue 3
CEPI650 Negative control issue 10
CEPI690-691-692-693 Mono Anti-Rh issue 12
CEPI700 Mono Anti-CDE issue 10
CEPI710-730 Monoclonal Anti-D Clone 12 issue 10
CEPI740 Monoclonal Anti-D Duoclone issue 13
CEPI750 Monoclonal Anti-Cw issue 1
CEPI760 Monoclonal Anti-K issue 9
CEPI770-771 Monoclonal Anti-S and Anti-s issue 6
CEPI774 Monoclonal Anti-Fya issue 6
CEPI830A RF Latex Kit issue 6
CEPI930 Red Cell-Elute Issue 8
CEPI980 Preservacell issue 4
CEPI981 ABOPreservacell issue 5
Climax 100
Climax 120
Contact Us
Contacting Lorne
Continental Medical Supplies & Equipment Limited
Coombs Control Cells
Code: 970010
Size: 10ml
Coombs Control Cells Function
Corporacion Analyticos - Guatemala
Corporacion Analyticos - Nicaragua
Corporate Social Responsibilty
CRP Latex Kit
Code: 850100A
Code: 850200A
Code: 850000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 200 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
CSP Saude S.A
Cuhas - Bugando
Cure Group
D. Analytical S.A.
Diagnostic Kits
Diamedica Ltd.
Dieda Medical Corporation
Diluent (Negative Control)
Code: TT
Size: 10X5ml
Disease of Red Blood Cells
Distribuidora de Productos Medicos S.A de C.V
Diu Vita Diagnostics AS
Dorhan Medical Ltd.
Download a Reagent Catalogue
Drugsales Ltd.
EC certificate no 354.170425 expiry 22/05/2022
Enquiry submitted
Enzymes and Biochemicals
Enzymes, Potentiators & Accessories
Ergonomic Sealing Handle
Ets Alpha Biomedical
Events & Exhibitions
Expansion At Lorne
Febrile Antigen Kit
Code: 532040A
Size: 8 x 100 Tests
Febrile Antigen Kit + Controls
Code: 532042A
Size: 8 x 100 Tests and 2 x 1ml
Febrile Antigen Kits
Febrile Negative Control
Code: 537001A
Size: 1 ml
Febrile Positive Control
Code: 536001A
Size: 1 ml
FEDOS sh.p.k.
Firma Klaus Goettfert
Focus on Salmonella
For sale - 10ml/5ml vials and plastic distribution trays
Freezer 140
Code: Freezer 140

Freezer 140 Specification
Freezer 1500 Specification
Freezer 250
Code: Freezer 250

Freezer 250 Specification
Freezer 400
Code: Freezer 400

Freezer 400 Specification
Freezer 700
Code: Freezer 700

Freezer 700 Specification
Code: Freezer 1500

Fridge & Freezer Accessories
Fridge 100
Code: VRB3 100

Fridge 100
Code: Medika 100

Fridge 140
Code: VRB3 140

Fridge 140
Code: Medika 140

Fridge 1500
Code: Medika 1500

Fridge 1500 2T
Code: Medika 1500 2T

Fridge 170
Code: VRB3 170

Fridge 170
Code: Medika 170

Fridge 200
Code: VRB3 200

Fridge 200
Code: Medika 200

Fridge 250
Code: VRB3 250

Fridge 250
Code: Medika 250

Fridge 280 2T
Code: Medika 280 2T

Fridge 400
Code: VRB3 400

Fridge 400
Code: Medika 400

Fridge 400 2T
Code: Medika 400 2T

Fridge 500
Code: Medika 500

Fridge 500 2T
Code: Medika 500 2T

Fridge 600 2T
Code: Medika 600 2T

Fridge 700
Code: VRB3 700

Fridge 700
Code: Medika 700

Fridge 700 Pass-Through
Code: Medika 700p

Fridge 800 2T
Code: Medika 800 2T

Fridge Freezer 700
Code: VRBSAF3 700

Fridge_1000 2T
Code: Medika 1000 2T

Code: VRB3 1500

GAMSCO Medical
Goldquest Biotechnologies Inc
Gulf Medical Supplies LLC
Gulf Pharmacy
Hágase Distribuidor
Healthscan Diagnostic Equipment Limited
History of Lorne
HKM Medical Care
How Blood Storage has Impacted the World
How do you find out what blood type you are?
Code: 960050
Size: 10 X 5ml
Ildengun Khoshuu Co. Ltd
IM Global Biomarketing Group
IM Latex Kit
Code: 041050A
Size: 50 Tests
Image Gallery
Immunoassays Explained
Inert AB Serum
Code: 110010
Code: 110000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Infographic: What do you know about blood types?
International Commodities Ltd
ISBT 2015
ISO 13485-2003 (Canadian) certificate expiry 31 Dec 2018
ISO 13485-2003 certificate expiry 28 Feb 2019
IVT Imuno S.R.O.
JAD Corporation Trading & Engineering
Jericho Establisment
Kit Price Reduction
Kovalent do Brasil Ltda
Labex Ltd
Lablink International Limited
Labochema LT
Labor 280 2T Specification
Labor 400 2T Specification
Labor 500 2T Specification
Labor 700 2T Specification
Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory fridge buyers guide
Laboratory Fridges & Freezers
Laboratory Racking Systems Explained
Labservis Limited
LanganBach Services Ltd.
Latex Kits
Code: 880130
Size: 25
LE Latex Kit
LE Latex Test Kit
Code: 840050
Size: 50 Tests
LIS Preservacell
Code: 982500
Size: 500ml
LISS Concentrate
Code: 460500
Code: 460025
Size: 500ml
Size: 2500ml
LISS Ready for use
Code: 470020
Code: 470250
Code: 470025
Size: 20x250ml
Size: 4x250ml
Size: 2500ml
Code: 480010
Code: 480000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Lorne at BBTS 2014
Lorne Attending (NCRI) Cancer Conference With Our Partners Rockland Immunochemicals
Lorne Attending National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference
Lorne Blood Grouping Reagents
Lorne Distributors
Lorne Lab Service
Lorne Lab Service
Lorne News
Lorne Product Catalogue
Lorne Product Catalogue
Lorne’s IQC Kit
Maintaining a hygienic laboratory reducing contamination
Maintaining Blood Safety
Maxi-Screen 3
Code: 950030
Size: 3 x 10ml
Media Gallery
Medica - A great success
Medica 2015
Medica 2016
Medika 100 Specification
Medika 1000 2T Specification
Medika 140 Specification
Medika 1500 2T Specification
Medika 1500 Specification
Medika 170 Specification
Medika 200 Specification
Medika 250 Specification
Medika 280 2T Specification
Medika 400 2T Specification
Medika 400 Specification
Medika 500 2T Specification
Medika 500 Specification
Medika 600 2T Specification
Medika 700 Specification
Medika 800 2T Specification
Medisell Co. Ltd.
Meditechs (Medical Technologies Services)
Medlab 2017
Medtech Maldives Pvt Ltd
Meet the Team
Millipore Blood Grouping Reagents
Mini Pipettes
Code: 044500
Size: 500
Code: 880120
Size: 25
Modern Innovations Limited
Moderne Sante eurl
Money raised for Children with Cancer
Monoclonal D Negative Control
Code: 650010
Code: 650000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Monoclonal Rh Control Serum
Code: 640010
Code: 640000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
MP Medgroup Co. Ltd.
MSDSFebriles502-537A issue 1
MSDSRoseBengal155A_issue 1
MTC Med. Produkte Gmbh
New Distributor appointed in Estonia
New Distributors
New GPC Inc.
New ISO Accreditation
New Leadership at Lorne
New Red Cell Supplier to Lorne - National Health Service Blood and Transplant
New Website Launched
News & Events
Nutritional and Non-Nutritional Anemia
OMC Healthcare (Pvt.) Ltd.
Other Kits
Other Ljungberg & Kögel Equipment
Our Distributors
Our Top 3 Laboratory Fridges
Our Top 4 Diagnostic Kits Explained
Page Not Found
Code: 441010
Code: 441000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Code: 485010
Size: 10ml
Pishtaz Teb Zaman Diagnostics
Plastic Distribution Trays
Code: LAB00027
Code: LAB00007
Size: 5 x Vial Tray
Size: 10 x Vial Tray
Platelet Agitators
Platelet Agitators
Platelet Incubators
Platelet Incubators and Flatbed Agitators
Polyclonal Anti-Lub
Portable Fridge 26
Code: PRC 26

Portable Fridge 41
Code: PRC 41

Portable Fridge 65
Code: PRC 65

Potus Medical Ltd
PRC 26 Specification
PRC 41 Specification
PRC 65 Specification
Precise Weak Anti-D
Code: 209005
Code: 209000
Size: 5ml
Size: 1000ml
Code: 980500
Size: 500ml
Pro-Lab Diagnostics
Product Vials
Code: LAB00002
Code: LAB00036
Size: 5ml
Size: 10ml
Proplasma Sp. zo.o. sp.k
Proteus OX19
Code: 524005A
Code: 524000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1000ml
Proteus OX2
Code: 522005A
Code: 522000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1000ml
Proteus OXK
Code: 526005A
Code: 526000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1000ml
PT. RAFA Topaz Utama
Quality Control Kits
Quality Mixer Specification
QuickSlide Plus II
QuickSlide Plus Stainer II Specification
Rea IQC Kit
Code: 940406R
Size: 4X6ml
Rea IQC Kit 940R
Reagens Kft.
Red Book Standards
Red Cell Elute
Code: 930110
Size: Kit
Red Cell Elute - Extended Shelf Life
Red Cells
Request an Equipment Catalogue
Reverse Grouping A1 + A2 + B + O Cells
Code: 910040
Size: 4 X 10ml
Reverse Grouping A1 + A2 + B Cells
Reverse Grouping A1 + A2 + B Cells
Code: 910030
Size: 3 X 10ml
Reverse Grouping A1 + B Cells
Reverse Grouping A1 + B Cells
Reverse Grouping A1 + B Cells
Reverse Grouping A1 + B Cells
Code: 910020
Size: 2 X 10ml
Reverse Grouping A2 Cells
Code: 920002
Size: 1 X 10ml
RF Latex Kit
Code: 830100A
Code: 830200A
Code: 830000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 200 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
Rheumatoid Arthritis Detection
Rockland immunochemical - What is immunochemical?
Rockland Immunochemicals
Rose Bengal
Code: 155050A
Size: 50 Tests
Rose Waaler
Code: 156050A
Code: 156100A
Size: 50 Tests
Size: 100 Tests
Rotavirus Latex Kit
RPR Carbon Antigen
Code: 045005A
Code: 045000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
RPR Carbon Kit
Code: 044150A
Code: 044500A
Size: 150 Tests
Size: 500 Tests
RPR Carbon Positive Control
Code: 047001A

Safwan Trading & Contracting Co. K.S.C.
Salmonella Paratyphi AH
Code: 504005A
Code: 504000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
Salmonella Paratyphi AO
Code: 512005A
Code: 512000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
Salmonella Paratyphi BH
Code: 506005A
Code: 506000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
Salmonella Paratyphi BO
Code: 514005A
Code: 514000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
Salmonella Paratyphi CH
Code: 508005A
Code: 508000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
Salmonella Paratyphi CO
Code: 516005A
Code: 516000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
Salmonella Typhi H
Code: 502005A
Code: 502000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
Salmonella Typhi O
Code: 510005A
Code: 510000A
Size: 100 Tests
Size: 1 Litre
Sciencescope Limited
Seremed Pvt Limited
Serological Albumin 22%
Code: 451010
Code: 451000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Serological Albumin 30%
Code: 452010
Code: 452000
Size: 10ml
Size: 1000ml
Servi-Lab S.A.
Significance of Alsever’s Solution
Slide Stainers
Smearsafe™ : Blood Dispenser
Code: TC1000
Size: Pack of 1000
Sofbiolife Ltd.
South Austral Pty Ltd.
Standard Conditions of Sale
Staph Latex Kit
Staph Test Kit
Code: 870050
Code: 870100
Size: 50 Tests
Size: 100 Tests
Strep Latex Kit
Strep Test Kit
Code: 860050
Size: 6 x 50 Tests
Superarctic 250 Specification
Superarctic 400 Specification
Superarctic 700 2T Specification
Superarctic 700 Specification
Superarctic Freezer 250
Code: VSAF3 250

Superarctic Freezer 250
Code: Superarctic 250

Superarctic Freezer 400
Code: VSAF3 400

Superarctic Freezer 400
Code: Superarctic 400

Superarctic Freezer 700
Code: VSAF3 700

Superarctic Freezer 700
Code: Superarctic 700

Superarctic Fridge Freezer 700 2T
Code: Superarctic 700 2T

Syphilis Kits
TAB FAM Laboratory Services
Technical Documents
Temperature Monitors
TempTale 4
Code: T4500-01

Terms and Conditions
The ‘Brighton’ Slidestak
Code: 881025
Size: 25 Boxes
The ‘Essex’ Blockfile
Code: 882025
Size: 25 Boxes
The Fight Against Syphilis
The Journey of a Red Blood Cell
The Life Saving History of Blood Transfusion
The Scientific Group
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Top Labo
TPHA Microtitre Plate Kit
Code: 043100A

Transfusions- Blood transfusion v iron transfusion
Trial-Size Primary Antibodies
Types of Exchange Transfusions
Typesafe™ : Segment Piercing Device
Code: T4R4750
Size: Pack of 1000
UCM Biosciences
Using Blood Grouping Reagents (Gel Card Technique)
Using Blood Grouping Reagents (Microtitre Technique)
Using Blood Grouping Reagents (Slide Technique)
Using Blood Grouping Reagents (Tube Technique)
Using Blood Grouping Reagents: (All Techniques)
VDRL Stabilised Reagent Kit
Code: 046511A

Video Gallery
View our Products
VRB3 100 Specification
VRB3 140 Specification
VRB3 1500 Specification
VRB3 170 Specification
VRB3 200 Specification
VRB3 250 Specification
VRB3 400 Specification
VRB3 700 Specification
VRBSAF3 700 (GS) Specification
VRBSAF3 700 (S) Specification
VSAF3 250 Specification
VSAF3 400 Specification
VSAF3 700 (5 Drawers) Specification
VSAF3 700 (7 Drawers) Specification
What are blood group reagents?
What is a Coombs’ Test?
What is a febrile antigen kit?
What is a universal blood donor?
What is Chemiluminescent immunoassay?
What is enzyme immunoassay, and how does it work?
What is Western Blotting?
What We Believe
White Ivory Pharmaceutical Medical Equipment Company (WIPMECO)
Who can give Blood to who and why it’s important to know!
Why is blood grouping important?
Worthington Biochemicals
YH Biotek