Blood Bank Fridges & Freezers

Blood Bank Fridges & Freezers

Lorne’s Blood Banks and Plasma-Freezers are Medical Devices designed and manufactured in line with Directive 93/42/EC (class IIa). Blood Banks and Plasma-Freezers are available in a range of sizes and they feature an impressive array of accessories.

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Fridge & Freezer Accessories
Fridge 100
Code: VRB3 100

Fridge 140
Code: VRB3 140

Fridge 170
Code: VRB3 170

Fridge 200
Code: VRB3 200

Fridge 250
Code: VRB3 250

Fridge 400
Code: VRB3 400

Fridge 700
Code: VRB3 700

Fridge Freezer 700
Code: VRBSAF3 700

Code: VRB3 1500

Superarctic Freezer 250
Code: VSAF3 250

Superarctic Freezer 400
Code: VSAF3 400

Superarctic Freezer 700
Code: VSAF3 700