1. Do Lorne take credit or debit cards?

It is not possible to pay with credit or debit cards at this time.

2. Are Lorne product codes required on orders?

Your order can be processed without delay if the product code is added. Otherwise, we may need to contact you to confirm the product details of your order.

3. Do Lorne accept orders over the telephone?

No, but we do take orders via email, fax and post.

4. Who should be called for refrigeration maintenance and technical support?

Please contact Lorne Lab service for any maintenance and technical enquires relating to fridges and freezers. You can contact them on 01954 233 132.

5. Do Lorne have a minimum order?


Our minimum order for UK Orders is £40 (excluding carriage). Any orders below will be made up to £40.


Our minimum order for exports (excluding carriage) is:
Eur - €100
Pounds - £100
Dollars -$100

6. Is there a carriage charge?

Yes, our carriage charge for UK Orders is currently £10 for any orders up to 10 kg. Please include this on your purchase order or your order may be delayed.

Upon receipt of an order our export sales team will process the order and once packed calculate the cost using the specific carrier you have requested.

7. How long do Lorne reagents remain stable out of cold chain?

Lorne have conducted transportation stability studies that show that Lorne reagents remain stable even in extreme temperature conditions.


Any other questions?