What is Lorne?

Lorne is more than just an independent UK company with over 40 years’ experience of providing quality blood transfusion solutions.

It is more than just an ethical company that strives to provide health care professionals with quality products at affordable prices.

And it is more than an organisation with a deserved reputation for excellent customer service.

In reality, Lorne is a network of blood transfusion expertise and retail experience spread across eighty different countries on five continents. This network of partner companies shares a common interest in developing new products and offering the best solutions for blood transfusion professionals.

What do we stand for?

Lorne has a simple philosophy. It seeks to provide only high quality blood-grouping reagents, diagnostic kits and laboratory equipment. It does so at affordable prices. And it backs this up with excellent customer service.

Over the last forty years, Lorne has seen that philosophy transform the company from a small UK operation to one that spans the globe. The Lorne name is known and respected in over 100 countries around the world and it has come to mean ‘quality’ to the many blood transfusion professionals who use the products, both in the UK and across the five continents in which it operates.

Lorne is a company created for transfusion professionals, by transfusion professionals. The company was started by a blood transfusion biomedical scientist and is still owned to this day by blood transfusion professionals with experience in UK and overseas Blood Transfusion Centres.