Red Cells (Reverse Grouping & Coombs)

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Red Cells

A range of Reverse Grouping and Coombs cells in full compliance with UK Red Book Standards. As well as our standard Red Cell products below, we can also supply other products for special standing orders only. These include Papainised red cell panels.

ABO Preservacell
Code: 981500
Size: 500ml
Code: 983000
Size: 1000ml
Coombs Control Cells
Code: 970010
Size: 10ml
Code: 960050
Size: 10 X 5ml
Maxi-Screen 3
Code: 950030
Size: 3 x 10ml
Code: 980500
Size: 500ml
Red Cell Elute
Code: 930110
Size: Kit
Reverse Grouping A1 + A2 + B + O Cells
Code: 910040
Size: 4 X 10ml
Reverse Grouping A1 + A2 + B Cells
Code: 910030
Size: 3 X 10ml
Reverse Grouping A1 + B Cells
Code: 910020
Size: 2 X 10ml
Reverse Grouping A2 Cells
Code: 920002
Size: 1 X 10ml