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Trial-Size Primary Antibodies

20 January 2015

Trial-Size Primary Antibodies

Lorne are now able to offer trial-size unconjugated primary antibodies from Rockland that provide researchers with an economical means to validate antibodies while investigating various aspects of cell signalling. If you  are unsure about any details then trial sizes are ideal.

Rockland’s antibodies are directed against a protein pathway (Akt, NfKB, Notch, Wnt) or cellular process of interest for Western Blot, Immunofluorescence Microscopy, Immunohistochemistry and other detection experiments where highly specific antibodies are critical.

Lorne are able to offer a similar opportunity from Worthington who offer a Free Collagenase Sampling Programme which enables you to pre-test a particular lot of enzyme you are planning to use in your experiment. This allows you to take a practical approach and pre-sample several lots and select the best for your own application.

Please contact us for more detail on either of the above opportunities.

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